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A Personal Message From Specialist Physical Therapist

Oliver Patalinghug

Let me say this straight away – if you’re reading this and you’re aged 40+, you’re obviously very serious about and protective of your health. And you ARE right to be objecting to the painkillers likely to be offered to you by your doctor.

You won't need me to tell you that painkillers don’t get to the bottom of these types of problems and worse yet, all they ever do is mask the pain, often making it worse in the end.

If you’re suffering from DAILY, ANNOYING, and NAGGING Neck Pain and Migraine Headache, the first thing I want you to know is that I am familiar with your problem, ALL of your concerns are real and you ARE looking in the right place for a solution to end it fast.

Neck Pain and Migraine Headache are VERY serious and it is true that they often go hand in hand. The presence of one often signals the arrival of the other in the not too distant future.

If You Are Worried About What Is Causing Your Pain, Or You Just Feel Let Down By A Doctor That Wasn’t Able To Offer A Proper NATURAL Solution…One That Didn’t Involve Harmful Painkillers, Then I’m Here To Help….

I’d like to make abundantly clear that I’m NOT like any of the other Physical Therapists out there and that most definitely includes the ones in the big hospitals and corporate chain clinics. Let me distance myself from THEM immediately and know that mine is nothing like the advice you’ll ever be given by a doctor - simply because I’m a Private Physical Therapist expertly trained and specializing in helping people like you with Neck and Migraine Headache.

And unlike most doctors these days, I WILL take the time to listen to you and I do want to hear all about what’s concerning you.

I’ve been doing this for more than 20 years and if you’re suffering from neck pain and migraine headache… one of my goals is to offer you a solution that will let you avoid the need for harmful medication.

Your suffering is going to end fast. I know exactly what causes this type of pain because I see it EVERY DAY…and despite an often lack of visible signs of damage or injury, that may be a source of confusion, I know what you’re suffering from is real and it is painful and that it should NOT be ignored. More importantly, that there is HOPE for a future that doesn’t involve you being woken up through the night by your nagging neck pain and headache or the unwanted tension in your neck, interrupting your good quality of life.

Be Very Wary of Taking GENERAL Advice... "It's NOT Your AGE And You Do Not Have to Accept It"...

And despite what many doctors will tell you – this is unlikely to be anything to do with your age. And NOR do you just have to accept it. It’s sad, but true… but so many doctors fail to recognize the warning signs of Neck Pain and Migraine Headache and FAIL to act before “Nagging and Annoying”… turns SEVERE and PAINFUL.

This type of thing can get worse quickly… and is sure to happen if it’s just masked with painkillers. And you won’t need me to remind you that life would be even more difficult if you’re suffering from the severe headaches and intense pain that so often comes along as a consequence of your real, underlying problem, being ignored.

And that’s why I want to offer you my help and expertise immediately, without any upfront payment and without delay.

Here's Who I Can Help...

But please know that I am not able to help everyone. And that’s why I don’t just offer to work with anyone. But if you are aged 40-64+ and can say “YES” to any of the following, then you are right to be looking for solid advice and it’s very likely that I’m going to be able to help you in the way that you hope:

  • You’ve got tension and or pain in your neck and shoulder area that has been there for longer than 9 days.

  • Your sleep is disturbed by a tightness or tension in your neck that gets worse through the night.

  • You’re suffering from pain DAILY, are concerned, and have no idea why it even happened (to you).

  • You spend a lot of time sitting – and that makes the pain worse.

  • You’ve only been given painkillers by your doctor… but you secretly know that this ISN’T the best option (or the one you want to take).

  • You’ve got headaches and or migraines that seem to be getting more intense or more frequent – or you’re worried about either coming back on.

And there are a number of ways I’m going to be able to help you,

Maybe You’ve Had Enough of Living with All This Pain

(And Tension) and Want Somebody Like A Specialist Hands-On Physical Therapist Just to Finally “End It All

for You”… and Fast?

If that’s you, then GREAT NEWS, because I have a proven solution that works at ending Neck Pain and Migraine Headache (quickly and naturally).

Specialist “Hands-on” Physical Therapist involves me and my team working on you in person, and by hand, using all of our BEST techniques to bring about a FAST end to the suffering and concerns you are experiencing. Manual Realignment of your neck and shoulder joints is VITAL and is the fastest and easiest way to end all this pain and it can often happen in days.

And don’t worry - it’s really easy, and it’s simple to do.

It’s just one of the pain easing techniques that I use on a daily basis to help people like you and involves me doing plenty of nice Massages to release and relax tight muscles and the gentle rocking of your joints, just to ease them back into the right place.

And if you're aged 40+, I can absolutely GUARANTEE that when I combine all this, you are going to feel a BIG difference and your pain will DROP quickly. And that would make a difference, right?

Option 1

A Good Place For Us To Start IS By Talking ON THE PHONE…

I can help you. And if your need is urgent, as in, you’ve decided you’ve suffered enough with pain, and you’re even somewhat interested in what a Specialist “Hands-On” Physical Therapy like me can do for you, then a good place for us to start is by talking on the phone.

I’d like to offer you a FREE Telephone Consultation that is perfect and only for health-conscious people, serious about protecting their health and interested in discovering what their BEST options are. And doing it this way will let us get to know each other before going ahead with and confirming an “in-person” Physical Therapy appointment at my clinic in Rochester Hills.

It works, because doing it this way will allow you and me to decide that we’re a good fit, and leave you knowing with 100% certainty, that I am going to be able to help you as you hope, giving you confidence if you decide later to go ahead with “in-person” Specialist Private Physical Therapy at my clinic.

This option is where most people start their journey back to better health. If you want to join them, please go ahead and click the blue button here NOW and then just enter your details (and one of my assistants from my office will call you back very soon to set up a time to talk)…

Option 2

Or, you can set up a time to talk to me by speaking to my secretary using this number: (248) 844-2665. If you did wish to go ahead and book an appointment with me because you like the sound of what I’m offering, then use this same number (248) 844-2665, and please note this next one down:

“EVERYTHING we do for you here is covered by a firm 100% Money Back Guarantee – that means we make you VERY HAPPY like you hope…or you get all of your money back or you simply leave your appointment and my clinic without paying. It’s that simple”.

And, There’s Even Another Way I’d Like To Offer You My Help And Best Advice…

Maybe you’re at the very beginning of your search and just browsing, hoping to find some helpful advice that you can take away with you IMMEDIATELY? Or you’re looking for some Secret Tips… the kind that only given out by the Experts, and ones that you can use in your own home to make a start on ending your Neck Pain and Migraine Headache, right now?

If that’s you, you’re in luck! Because

I’d Like to GIFT You All The 7 Secrets To Ending Annoying, Daily And Irritating Neck Pain and Migraine Headaches FREE, In One Simple, Easy To Follow At Home, Plan

It’s worth $28 and I want you have it FREE.

For a limited time only, I’m giving away FREE, my published Special Report on all the BEST ways to end Neck Pain and Migraine Headaches and I’d like for you to have a copy.

Just knowing all of these “tips” will make a difference.

And this Special Report will shed light on the clouded and very confused world of Neck Pain and Migraine Headaches, it gives hope, offers clarity AND encouragement for a future free from pain, as well as giving step-by-step INSTRUCTIONS on the 7 BEST ways to bring a fast end to your concerns (...Naturally)!.

(Plus, a few bonus TIPS are included, too…)

And best, this FREE Report lets you sample and get a feel for how a Specialist Private Physical Therapy like me, can help YOU, while simultaneously making immediate progress at stopping pain and ending worries.

If this option works best for you, go ahead and claim your FREE Report and finally start making the progress you’ve been searching for, instantly, in the comfort of your own home, right NOW!

It’s Titled…

"7 Amazing Secrets Of Eliminating Neck Pain And Migraine Headache"

Here’s What You Will Discover When You Open It Up:

  • The vital warning signs that it’s not just “another headache” or “a bit of neck stiffness”...

  • The 3 things you can do if you’re hoping to avoid neck surgery – worth requesting just for this!

  • 1, 2 or 3? Just how many pillows should you sleep with? And what about your mattress... It’s covered in here on page 5.

  • The most successful treatment for chronic neck, (and even nerve pain), that doesn’t involve any drugs, seeing a chiropractor or talking to a doctor.

  • The simple exercise you can do in your kitchen, starting tonight, that’ll make a significant difference to neck pain before you wake up tomorrow.

  • How you can find out what’s REALLY causing your neck pain, in under thirty minutes, with no cost incurred.

  • And, even what to do right now... if you suffer from any motion limiting neck pain

Option 3

Join Dozens of Other People Who were Finally Able to END Neck Pain and Migraine Headache NATURALLY… And Before It Got Much Worse!

All The (TOP) Secret Tips Revealed And Exactly How ANY Person Aged 40+ Can End Pain, Find More Movement And FINALLY Rediscover Painless

Daily Living!..

“Look Who Else Came For Specialist Physical Therapy At Restore PT's Clinic And Left Feeling More ACTIVE, HEALTHY And HAPPY…In Just A Few Short Weeks”!

Otha, 40's - Rochester Hills

Richard, 70's - Waterford

Joni, 50's - Shelby Township

I went to other physical therapists prior to coming here but the pain and discomfort persisted.

I was up most nights and suffered from fatigue and weakness; a pinched nerve in my lower back, sciatica, and chronic neck pain from herniated discs.

Although my doctor referred me to Restore Physical Therapy, I didn’t make the appointment for a while because I didn’t think it would work for me. I’m glad I finally went because after a week or so, I was pleasantly surprised when I started sleeping all night, then I realized the pain was easing up.

Now that I'm done with therapy I’m thankful to be pain-free, it feels wonderful!"

My problem began in 1945 after a severe fall. Since that accident, I have had all kinds of problems that you can

think of--severe neck pain, headache, numbness of my arms, and dizziness or vertigo.

I have undergone two surgeries on my neck to help relieve the symptoms that I was having but this didn't help me.

My doctor referred me to Restore PT, and after about three sessions I started feeling decreased of my dizziness, headache, head pressure, and neck pain, and even my breathing was improved. I could hardly believe what was happening in such a short time considering the long time I was suffering from these problems.

I’m steadily feeling so much better! I would highly recommend it to anyone with any kind of head, neck, and back problems. I save you a lot of time and money to look for anyone that can do what he has done for me.

It’s truly an answer to a lot of prayers from friends and family, and I don’t take it lightly. I am so grateful for the opportunity to know and experience

this place"

Before I came in this clinic, I can only tell you that things were just not right with me--eye twitching, lightheadedness, neck pain, and headache... When I began treatment, I never thought I would have any success but it was amazing the progress I saw within a short period of time.

I know I sound like a crazy infomercial, but I myself was amazed at the progress. I want to thank you for getting me back on track. I will definitely bring up Restore Physical Therapy if I hear of anyone needing physical therapy."

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