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Attention: Ladies and Gentlemen Over 40 Years Old “Unsure” About

The Benefits Of Physical Therapy.

Did You Know You Can Now Get Specialist Physical Therapist Advice

To Find Quick Relief From Pain, Completely Free Of Charge?

Free 30-min Discovery Session

How To Get A Completely FREE Consultation With

A Physical Therapist Pain Expert!

A Personal Message From Specialist PT Pain Expert

Hi, I’m Oliver Patalinghug, and if you’re in your 40’s, 50’s or 60’s, and you are looking for quick, natural, and long-lasting relief from pain and stiffness, to help you keep active and stay healthy for longer, then the big opportunity I have for you today may be the single most important thing you read all year.

In this short letter, I’m going to show you how I can first help you live without the frustration of wondering what’s gone wrong (to cause all of your pain in the first place), and then how easy it is going to be to find relief from it - and I’m going to be able to do it all without any financial commitment needed from you whatsoever.

And best, I know I can do all of that for you, EVEN IF you’re currently feeling “stuck”, overwhelmed, not sure what to do for the best, or you’re nervous about trying something like Physical Therapy, even skeptical or unsure as you’re not 100% confident that it can even help with what you’re suffering from!

…If that’s you, then I’d like you to know that you’re not alone and I do understand completely how you must be feeling as you look for the right solution while remaining worried for the future of your health.

Step One in the recovery from ANY pain is to actually get to the true, underlying root cause of that pain. Without knowing what’s going wrong it’s almost impossible to stop it - and therefore it will only get worse.

Getting to the “true, underlying, root cause of pain ” is something that a physical therapist is an expert in and, it’s a shame that some people still don’t know how easy it is to “self-refer” to a physical therapist for help with easing pain.

No Referral Needed…

How easy? Well, there’s NO one to ask, NO referral needed, NO forms to sign, NO payment agreements and there’s NO obligation to go ahead with any PT after an initial consultation which will reveal your “diagnosis” – i.e. the, what’s going wrong!

It’s true... you DON'T even need a referral from a medical doctor, and NOR do you even have to let your network know in advance that you want to go and see a PT about getting answers to your PAIN and CONCERNS. This means you can just call up and arrange that first DISCOVERY session today and have answers within the next 24 hours! It’s that easy.

And at that first “no authorization needed” DISCOVERY SESSION with one of our physical therapists, you can have all of your questions answered personally by a specialist PT, you’ll find out what’s going wrong and what else can be done about it, and by who.

Then, once you know that, you’re BETTER able to DECIDE whether or not to contact your insurance and we’ll even help you take care of any onward referral to a doctor (IF it’s even needed).

We call it a DISCOVERY SESSION because you get to discover all about YOU, YOUR PAIN and CONCERNS, “US” (the friendly staff at Restore PT!), AND Physical Therapy. You’ll leave your FREE Discovery Session knowing what’s causing your pain, and able to make a better, more educated, and more informed decision about your health!

That’s why we say physical therapy is a hassle-free way of easing pain - it’s financially risk-free because the first visit is 100% FREE and now you know you don’t even have to contact your network or go to see a doctor first.

Note: We are the only clinic in Metro Detroit Area that offers "Free Discovery Session".

Here's What We'll Promise You At That Discovery Session...

  • You'll find out the underlying root CAUSE of your pain and the REAL reason you’re suffering.

  • You'll know if specialist physical therapy can definitely help YOU.

  • If YES, exactly what sort of recovery program do you need.

  • How long before you will experience positive RESULTS.

  • OTHER natural healing, drug-free ways you can exploit to speed up your recovery alongside PT.

  • Exactly what your recovery program will cost, how much your insurance will reimburse, and the three easy payment options you can choose from to cover the rest.

  • How soon you can begin a gentle exercise, GET back to work, or enjoy playtime again with your family and even walk with friends or stand in line at the shops.

  • You will be given Tips and Exercises that you can do at home to help you start feeling better INSTANTLY!

So, If All That Sounds Like It Would Help You Make A Better Decision About Your Health, Then Please Go Ahead And Fill Out The 20 seconds Application Form For A "Free Discovery Session" NOW. The More We Know About You, The Better We Can Help You...

Where Does It Hurt?
What Concerns You Most?
The Main Goal You Would Like Us To Help You
How Long Have You Suffered?
Primary Reason For Discovery Session Request

All Of Your Details Are 100% Safe With Us.

“Look Who Else Came For Specialist Physical Therapy At Restore PT's Clinic And Left Feeling More ACTIVE, HEALTHY And HAPPY…In Just A Few Short Weeks”!

Richard, 60's - Rochester Hills

My problem began in 1945 after a severe fall. Since that accident, I have had all kinds of problems that you can think of--severe neck pain, headache, numbness of my arms, and dizziness or vertigo.

I have undergone two surgeries in my neck to help relieve the symptoms that I was having but this didn't help me.

My doctor referred me to Restore PT, and after about three sessions I started feeling decreased of my dizziness, headache, head pressure, and neck pain, and even my breathing was improved. I could hardly believe what was happening in such a short time considering the long time I was suffering from these problems.

I’m steadily feeling so much better! I would highly recommend to anyone with any kind of head, neck, and back problems. I save you a lot of time and money to look for anyone that can do what he has done for me. It’s truly an answer to a lot of prayers from friends and family, and I don’t take it lightly. I am so grateful for the opportunity to know and experience

this place"

Mollie, 70's - Warren

I arrived at Restore Physical Therapy in a wheelchair assisted by my daughter because of severe pain in my lower back, numbness, and decreased sensation on my left leg... After a couple of weeks of receiving treatment, I am now using a cane with no pain in my

back and have a normal feeling on my leg.

I'm so grateful for the techniques that they use ... My recommendation to Restore Physical Therapy cannot be described in words, only in actions... To anyone with a problem, I would say follow in my footsteps to do better than ever. Thank you."

Josh, 40's - Attica

I came to Oliver at Restore Physical therapy, I had spent the past 16 years of my life in pain due to back spasms, off and on.

I couldn’t be more happy, through his techniques of stretching and isolating the very muscle groups that were out of balance, it’s been able to balance my body up and I’ve gotten a lot more flexibility out of my hamstrings and back. I saw results immediately, within the first week and they improved it from there gradually.

I can finally do a lot more of the things I haven’t been able to do the past several years – including picking up my kids, chasing them around the yard playing soccer, chopping firewood – couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve gotten here."

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