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The Top 39 Most FAQ's of Physical Therapy...

Make The BEST and INFORMED Decision When Choosing

A Physical Therapist

Everything You Need To Know About Physical Therapy

Oliver Patalinghug

Specialist PT

We want you to make the BEST decision about Physical Therapy, without feeling rushed or pressured into booking, we’d like to give you a Complimentary SPECIAL REPORT.

It’s written exclusively for our next clients like you (by Our Specialist PT, Oliver), and has been 12 years in the making. He’s done it by compiling all of the questions he’s ever been asked about Physical Therapy by previous clients, who were once just like you… struggling to enjoy their health and considering trying Physical Therapy, but just wanted to know a bit more about it first, before confirming an appointment to go and see one.

It really helps YOU make the BEST decision. The one that ensures you find a Physical Therapist that is “just right for you”. Maybe that’s what type of information you came looking for in the first place?

In this Special Report, You're Going To See Answers To ALL Of These Important Questions Which Will Help You Choose A Physical Therapist That Is “Just Right For You”...One That Will Get You Active And Healthy Again, Fast!…

  • How long before you feel a positive difference from Physical Therapy? Hint: It’s likely to be LESS than what you currently think and it has EVERYTHING to do with what YOU do and when (Find out on Page 4).

  • WHAT actually is Physical Therapy anyway? Most people don’t even know the truth because many Physical Therapists don’t take the time to explain it right before an appointment is booked.

  • Why you shouldn’t even consider going to a hospital-based or corporate physical therapy clinics, NOT if you want “hands-on” type treatment, the kind that really does work FAST. Hint: You might be SHOCKED when you discover the real reason why these clinics rarely do this now.

  • “Does Physical Therapy help someone like ME”? (That’s answered in-depth, on page 4).

  • “Isn’t it true that Physical Therapy is just for young people who get injured from playing football”? …NOT at Restore Physical Therapy Clinic it ISN’T (Find out why we hardly ever see injured “football players” and which “athletes” we do, on Page 5).

  • When is the BEST (and safest) time to be doing exercises? And discover why most exercises don’t work like the person doing them hopes (revealed on Page 6). Tip: It has everything to do with when they’re done, not so much what is done.

Claim This Free Guide

The Top 39 Most FAQ's of Physical Therapy...

Make The BEST and INFORMED Decision When Choosing

A Physical Therapist

Everything You Need To Know About Physical Therapy

Want Help Some Help to Get Relief Faster?

Choose which one works best for you...

“Look Who Else Came For Specialist Physical Therapy At Restore PT's Clinic And Left Feeling More ACTIVE, HEALTHY And HAPPY…In Just A Few Short Weeks”!

Joni, 50's - Shelby Township

Kathy, 60's - Rochester Hills

Bob, 70's - Roseville

“Before I came in this clinic, I can only tell you that things were just not right with me--eye twitching, lightheadedness, neck pain and headache...

When I began treatment, I never thought I would have any success but it was amazing the progress I saw within a short period of time.

I know I sound like crazy infomercial, but I myself was amazed at the progress.

I want to thank you for getting me back on track.

I will definitely bring up Restore Physical Therapy if I hear of anyone needing physical therapy. ”

“I have been in severe pain for at least 15 years. After many years of pain a lot of pills, physical therapy using traction, bikes, balls, pull ups, etc. None of them helped me.

Then I did pain management which were shots in my lower back, again no help. I did use a heating pad every night because my back hurts so bad! If I was out I could not walk through a store I had to always sit because of my leg would go numbed.

After 12 visits I am pain free, hardly using my cane, walking straight and feeling great!! I am just so happy I could shout about it!!

The staff here are so caring, kind and compassionate."

"I started coming here because of extremely painful back especially when I get up in the morning.

My pain started when I was lifting something heavy putting it into the back of my van, my back felt like it snapped in two...

With their program and treatment at Restore, I feel like a brand new person... I highly recommend this place to anyone!"

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705 Barclay Circle, Ste. 135

Rochester Hills, MI 48307


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