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Allen, 50's - Rochester Hills

Deanna, 40's - Dryden

Patricia, 60's - Sterling Heights

When I first started I couldn’t stand up straight, and standing in one position was gruesome. Physical Therapy here has helped greatly with the pain in my lower back. It gave me the flexibility to walk and helped me to stand without being in great pain.

I am feeling so much better since my first visit. I don’t feel the numbness in my leg like I did before physical therapy, I can stand without being in pain and I can walk long periods of time without feeling any pain in my lower back.

I didn’t think I would ever feel this good!”

Before coming to Restore Physical Therapy, I had six months of lower back pain. To lift things off the floor, take laundry from the dryer, lift my five-year-old, bend to tie my shoes—this all resulted in pain.

... After my initial session, I walked out and feeling so much better! I had forgotten how good I used to feel prior to the pain.

I’ve learned exercises that continue to keep my body in check and have found success using these.

I strongly recommend this practice to others.”

I had some pain going down my right leg and pain from my Sciatic nerve also on my right side of my back.

I was very impressed with the way the staff here treated me as a person as well as a client. I'm now feeling very good.

Also, I was wearing a brace for a drop foot which was due to my Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and after my therapy here, I'm no longer wear a brace.

I would highly recommend Restore Physical Therapy to anyone!”

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705 Barclay Circle, Ste. 135

Rochester Hills, MI 48307


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